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Charles Owen Safety Event

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Join us April 1 – 3 for a special Safety Event featuring Charles Owen


Meet with our expert representative Diana Soto to answer any questions you may have about your safety equipment. 

win a charles owen helmet

Design a custom AYR8 helmet, and enter to win one of your own!


airowear air vest

Introducing the brand new AYRVest from Airowear! This innovative new safety vest is both a traditional safety vest and an air vest in one stylish package.
Certified for all levels of competition, and available in black or navy to complement your cross country colors.


While you’re in, take advantage of our Show Clothing Sale, and save 15% off of tall boots, show jackets, show shirts, and show breeches.


show clothing percentage off

We can’t wait to see you!


Ariat Ellipse Tall Boot Giveaway

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Winning your very own pair of Ariat Ellipse Tall Boots is as easy as trying them on!

Stop by the store between February 12th and 21st, try on a pair of these gorgeous boots, and you’re entered!

Fall in love with a pair while you’re trying them on?  Feel free to keep them. If the contest winner has purchased a pair during the duration of the contest, the full price of the boots will be refunded.

One winner will be selected and announced on Monday, February 22nd.  Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram to receive updates when the winner is chosen.

Ariat Ellipse - Snakeskin Print

Winner will be able to select which size boot they prefer.  Offer only applies to the Ariat Heritage Ellipse tall boot. Boots cannot be returned or exchanged for alternate merchandise. No purchase necessary to enter this contest. 

Winter Clearance Event 2016

Winter Clearance Flyer 2016

12 Days of Olson’s

Join us Saturday, December 12th through Wednesday, December 23rd for 12 Days of Olson’s savings!

Each day will be different, so scope out your favorites now!

Saturday, December 12th:
12 Days - Day 1 - Ornaments

Sunday, December 13th:
12 Days - Day 2 - Chocolates

Monday, December 14th:
12 Days - Day 3 - Horse Treats

Tuesday, December 15th:
12 Days - Day 4 - Saddle Pads

Wednesday, December 16th:
12 Days - Day 5 - Gloves

Thursday, December 17th:
12 Days - Day 6 - Coolers

Friday, December 18th:
12 Days - Day 7 - breech and jacket

Saturday, December 19th:
12 Days - Day 8 - Kids items

Sunday, December 20th:
12 Days - Day 9 - blankets-coolers

Monday, December 21st:
12 Days - Day 10 - Gift cards

Tuesday, December 22nd:
12 Days - Day 11 - extreme tall

Wednesday, December 23rd:
12 Days - Day 12 - red-green

Olson’s Annual Shop Small Event

Join us this weekend to celebrate shopping small and supporting our local community. 

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As our thank you to our customers, the entire store* will be 15% OFF all weekend!

Come by Friday November 27th – Monday November 30th to join the fun.

Keep scrolling for some amazing deals on your favorite items.


*Normal Exclusions Apply
Due to manufacturer policy, we are unable to discount the following brands at any time

All saddles – new or consignment, Back on Track, Charles Owen helmets (unless specifically marked), GPA helmets (unless specifically marked), Samshield helmets, EquiFit, Konig, Mattes, Otto Schumacher, Passier, Tailored Sportsman

Custom Boot Event

Through November 15th, save $150 on any pair of custom boots from Konig, Fabbri, or E.Vogel!

Check out some of the amazing custom options available, then call or email us to arrange a fitting appointment.

Olson’s Annual Blanket Trade-In Event



October 1st – November 26th


Blanket Trade-in Info


Start Shopping for your new Rambo right away!

Check out some of our favorites for 2015

Rambo Original – Now in 100g!

The perfect turnout for a mild climate.  Give your horse that little extra bit of warmth without going to a medium weight blanket. Plus, we love the pretty silver color.

HW AW15 Rugs

Limited Edition Rambo Duo

One of our absolute favorite blankets is now available in Horseware’s throwback colors: green and red.  This beautiful blanket comes with the works: a no fill turnout sheet, a 300 gram liner, and a lined hood.  Use part or all of this blanket depending on what the weather brings, and keep your horse happy all season.

Rambo Duo Anniversary Colors

Rambo Supreme Turnout with Vari-Layer

If you haven’t seen the Vari-Layer technology yet, you’ve got to check out the Supreme.  A unique layering systems puts more fill along the back (where horses lose most of their heat) and eliminates fill in non-essential areas such as along the bottom edge.  This results in a blanket with greater heat retention, but lower overall weight.  Comes with a hood for the complete, cozy, package.

Rambo Supreme with Vari-Layer and Hood - Black/Silver

Our staff is specially trained to answer any and all of your blanketing questions.  Feel free to stop by, give us a call at 425-454-9453, or shoot us an email at info@olsonstack.com.

We look forward to seeing you!  Stay warm!

Happy Birthday Horseware!

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Horseware Ireland is having their 30th anniversary this year, and we are throwing a party to celebrate!

Debbie Dillon from Horseware will be here October 2nd – 4th to help you pick the perfect blankets for your horse.  Plus, she’s bringing cupcakes!

To say Thank You to all of our loyal Horseware customers, we will be giving away six fabulous prizes during the weekend!

How to enter:
Any Rambo blanket or sheet purchase during the weekend of October 2nd – 4th will enter you to win one of these beautiful prizes.

1st Place – Rambo Duo Turnout Blanket – Throwback Anniversary Colors

_S4A1305 30YearDuo-web

2nd Place – Rambo Anniversary Printed Cooler
This cooler is ONLY available through this drawing and will not be available to purchase.  

_S4A1289 30YearCooler-web

3rd Place (2 prizes available) – Horseware Anniversary Tote Bag


4th Place (2 prizes available) – Printed Silk Anniversary Scarf and Anniversary Key Chain


Bag and keychain-web

Tested and approved!! Meet the new Rambo factory workers who have been brought on to ensure that only the best products are produced for the Anniversary Party









Horse Blankets 101

Rambo® Supreme with Vari-Layer® - Medium 250g

With Fall already upon us, it’s time to dust off your horse’s blankets and make sure you’re prepared for the cold.  With the overwhelming amount of options on the market today, we wanted to give you a few basic rules to follow when deciding how and when to blanket your favorite equine.

Horses are used to living outdoors.  They grow impressive coats when it’s cold out to help insulate against the chill.  Much like a concerned mother, we tend to bundle our horses when we feel cold, forgetting the fact that they are much better adapted to chilly temps than we are.

To take the guess work out of blanketing, here are some basic guidelines.  Horseware Liner
Keep in mind that horses that are turned out have the ability to move around to increase their body temperature.  As a result, stabled horses often need slightly more blanketing.  In addition, horses with 24/7 access to hay or grass are better able to maintain their body warmth via digestion.

Un-clipped, Turned-out Horses:
Above 60° – Nothing!
50°-60° – Nothing!  If raining, a no-fill turnout sheet is acceptable
30°-50° – Lightweight turnout sheet, or nothing
10°-30° – Mid weight turnout blanket, or nothing
0°-10° – Heavy weight turnout blanket
-10°-0° – Heavy weight turnout blanket with hood

Notes about un-clipped, turned out horses: Lighter blanketing will encourage the horse’s coat to grow longer and more densely.  Many turned-out horses are perfectly fine without any blanketing all the way down to 10°F!  Make sure that hay or grass is always available, and that your horse has a steady supply of clean, unfrozen drinking water; both of which are critical in keeping your horse warm and happy.

Clipped, Turned-out Horses:
Above 60° – Nothing, or light sheet if raining or windy
50°-60° – Lightweight turnout sheet
40°-50° – Mid weight turnout blanket
30°-40° – Mid weight turnout blanket with neck cover
10°-30° – Heavy weight turnout blanket with neck cover
0°-10° – Heavy weight turnout blanket with hood and possible additional layer
-10°-0° – Heavy weight turnout blanket hood and additional layer

Un-Clipped, Stabled Horses:Amigo Insulator
Above 60° – Nothing!
40°-60° – Nothing!
30°-40° – Lightweight stable blanket
20°-30° – Mid weight stable blanket
10°-20° – Mid weight or heavy weight stable blanket
0°-10° – Heavy weight stable blanket
-10°-0° – Heavy weight stable blanket, possibly with additional layer

Clipped, Stabled Horses:
Above 60° – Nothing, or light sheet
50°-60° – Lightweight blanket
40°-50° – Mid weight blanket
30°-40° – Mid weight blanket, possibly with additional layer
10°-30° – Heavy weight blanket, possibly with additional layer
0°-10° – Heavy weight stable blanket with hood
-10°-0° – Heavy weight stable blanket, possibly with additional layer, with hood

What exactly is “fill”?
With all this talk of lightweight or heavy weight, fill, grams, and layers, it can get a bit confusing.  Here are the basics:

Fill: refers to the amount of “stuffing” used to keep the horse warm.  Usually comprised of a fiber blend that is formulated for maximum heat retention.  Measured in grams.  More fill = A warmer horse.

Sheet/0g/No Fill – all of these mean the same thing, a sheet with no added padding.  Generally these terms refer to a waterproof turnout sheet (essentially a rain jacket)
Lightweight – can either refer to a no-fill sheet, or any amount of fill up to 150g
Mid Weight – any amount of fill up to 250g
Heavy Weight – any amount of fill 300g or above (generally no more than 450g)

We hope this guide makes blanketing easy this season!
Check out our complete selection of blankets online at www.olsonstack.com or stop by the store and let our highly trained staff help you find the perfect item.

Stay warm!

Rambo Original with Leg Arches - Green/Silver

Breech Trade-In Event