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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Equestrian Sports Get Technical

The new Ariat Volant puts a modern styling and twist on the everyday riding boot. Continue reading

Riding Outside in the Pacific Northwest

When preparing to show in the Pacific Northwest, every rider has to consider riding in the rain! Continue reading

Mounting From The Ground: Why You Should Use a Mounting Block Every Time.

Many of us are aware of the effects that mounting from the ground can have on a horse’s back, but did you know that it can cause your saddle’s tree to twist?  According to Master Saddler Michael Dainton, mounting from … Continue reading

Say Hello To Your New Favorite Jump Saddle!

It’s here, at long last!  Prestige’s new Boston, an amazingly grippy, well-balanced jump saddle with leather said to be more durable than buffalo, is bound to hit the jump world by storm!  Featuring an adjustable tree for a custom fit, … Continue reading

Avoiding the Saddle Selling Blues: Tips for Successfully Selling Your Used Saddle

The decision to sell your saddle can be fraught with emotion; whether it served you well for years or wound up being a disappointment, “rehoming” your saddle does not have to be a painful process.  Here are some tips for … Continue reading

The ThinLine Anatomic Jumping Girth – A Great Value for a Great Product

New at Olson’s! We’ve finally got the ThinLine Anatomic Jumping Girth for all to enjoy!  I’ve been riding with this girth for the last year or so and have been very impressed with it.  The leather is a high quality European … Continue reading

Winter Woes: Maintaining Proper Fit Through The Seasons

Winter Woes: Maintaining Proper Fit Through The Seasons As winter draws closer, many of us spend less time in the saddle. Whether giving your horse some well-deserved time off or avoiding riding in foul weather, winter can become a challenge … Continue reading

Much Ado About Flocking: What’s In Your Saddle And Why It Matters

When it comes to English saddles, be they Dressage, All-Purpose, or Jumping, the composition of the panels (the portion of the saddle touching the horse’s back) is an extremely important thing to consider, as it directly influences the comfort of … Continue reading