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Calling All Riders! Custom Saddle Fittings with Prestige

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity for a FREE* custom saddle fitting performed by Olson’s own Custom Saddle Specialist, Heather Manuel, and Prestige Representative Mossimo!  This special event will be held for one day only,
Wednesday, April 25th.  This is a very limited offer, only four spots remain–if you want to participate, contact Olson’s directly at 888.654.9453 today to schedule your appointment.  Space, time and locations details apply, please contact Olson’s for more details.

When you order a custom Prestige saddle during this event your saddle fitting fee will be waived–that’s a $175 value!  
This is a great opportunity to meet with Heather and Mossimo–have your horse’s current saddle fit evaluated, learn more about how a custom saddle can help you and your horse and preview a large selection of specialized Prestige custom saddles!

Get A Sneak Peek, Olson’s invites you to get an exclusive first look at what’s new from Prestige—

NEW! The Prestige Boston with Luxe leather

During this special event you’re invited to get a sneak peek of some of the latest custom saddle options to enter the equestrian market.  Prestige offers a wide variety of stock and custom saddles for every discipline–from Dressage and Eventing to Hunter/Jumper!  These saddles feature the latest innovations and advances in panel design, tree fitting and construction, and leather coverings and detailing. Olson’s has a large selection of stock saddles ready now, or meet with Mossimo and Heather during this special event to have you and your horse measured for your own custom saddle!

During Olson’s Prestige Event, you are invited to be the first in the area to preview three new custom saddles starting at $2100…

  • The Prestige Roma Dressage model, available for $2200!
  • The Prestige Roma Jump saddle, starting at $2100!
  • The Prestige Passion Jump saddle, available for $2800!

NEW! Prestige D1 in Luxe Leather

There’s more….NEW from Prestige,  come and test ride the new Luxe leather options for both the D1 Dressage Saddle and the Boston Jumping Saddle.  This new leather finish features pre-oiled Italian calfskin leather.  This beautifully finished leather provides riders with increased grip and security, not to mention the ultimate in comfort!  Olson’s is proud to be the only tack store in the area to be showcasing the Prestige D1 Luxe dressage saddle and the Prestige Boston jumping saddle in the luxe leather finish.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about this and the other customized features available on all Prestige saddles!

Come in to Olson’s today to learn more about our new and used saddles! Olson’s has the largest selection of dressage, jumping, and all purpose saddles in the area.  Let our expert saddle fitter, Heather Manuel, help you find the saddle that will work best for you and your horse.  Heather has been fitting saddles for the area’s leading competition riders and recreational equestrians for more than 13 years!  She recently returned from completing training at the elite La Selleria Prestige in Italy!  Let Heather’s expertise and knowledge help you determine the best saddle for your individual needs.


* FREE custom saddle fittings apply to custom Prestige saddles ordered during this special event.  Offer is valid for saddles ordered on 4/25/12.  Contact Olson’s for details 888.654.9453.

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  1. Mike says:

    Super excited to have all of these new options with adjustable trees and wool flocking. Olson’s has a new saddle tree machine that will allow you to modify the fit of your Prestige saddle should your horses body change or if you use the saddle for a different horse.

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