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The Revolutionary Prestige S1

The New Prestige S1 saddle is a revolutionary concept offering state of the art technology in a modern, yet elegant jumping saddle. The S1 incorporates two trees in its construction, an upper tree for the rider and a lower tree for the horse. The upper tree puts the rider in an accurate forward position for maximum balance and security. The lower tree is fit to the horse and is shorter than a traditional tree. This ensures total freedom of movement for both the shoulder and the back. There is a shock absorbing mechanism between the two trees. In the moment of landing, the force of impact of the weight of the rider on the horse’s shoulders is 30-50% less because of this mechanism. The S1 sports the Prestige SF concept, or shoulder free, which is a molded half moon shape at the tree point which allows easy, free shoulder movement under the tree. The shorter lower tree and the SF panel allow the horse to lift its shoulders effortlessly, whether it’s doing flatwork or over fences.

The S1 boasts traditional double oiled calfskin on the knee and seat for better grip and comfort. Premium Italian Lux leather on the flaps provides great softness and maximum durability as well as being waterproof! The S1 has the adjustable Prestige tree and wool flocking for a custom fit with maximum comfort for the horse. It is available in seat sizes 16”, 17”, and 18” and flaps can be standard, +2cm, or +4 cm forward. Olson’s is proud to offer this saddle for test rides and fittings for a limited time. Call Heather Manuel at Olson’s to schedule a consult. 425-454-9453 ext. 227.

Watch the technology of the S1:

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