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Calling All Riders! Custom Saddle Fittings with Prestige

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity for a FREE* saddle fitting performed by Custom Saddle Specialist, Heather Manuel, & Prestige Rep Mossimo! Sign up now, only 4 spots left! Continue reading

Mounting From The Ground: Why You Should Use a Mounting Block Every Time.

Many of us are aware of the effects that mounting from the ground can have on a horse’s back, but did you know that it can cause your saddle’s tree to twist?  According to Master Saddler Michael Dainton, mounting from … Continue reading

Say Hello To Your New Favorite Jump Saddle!

It’s here, at long last!  Prestige’s new Boston, an amazingly grippy, well-balanced jump saddle with leather said to be more durable than buffalo, is bound to hit the jump world by storm!  Featuring an adjustable tree for a custom fit, … Continue reading

Avoiding the Saddle Selling Blues: Tips for Successfully Selling Your Used Saddle

The decision to sell your saddle can be fraught with emotion; whether it served you well for years or wound up being a disappointment, “rehoming” your saddle does not have to be a painful process.  Here are some tips for … Continue reading

Winter Woes: Maintaining Proper Fit Through The Seasons

Winter Woes: Maintaining Proper Fit Through The Seasons As winter draws closer, many of us spend less time in the saddle. Whether giving your horse some well-deserved time off or avoiding riding in foul weather, winter can become a challenge … Continue reading

Much Ado About Flocking: What’s In Your Saddle And Why It Matters

When it comes to English saddles, be they Dressage, All-Purpose, or Jumping, the composition of the panels (the portion of the saddle touching the horse’s back) is an extremely important thing to consider, as it directly influences the comfort of … Continue reading