Custom Boot Fitting

The Benefits of Custom Riding Boots
Custom made riding boots from Olson’s Tack Shop will be the best fitting, most comfortable pair of boots you have ever owned, as they are made of only the finest materials and fit to your exact measurements.  Olson’s Tack Shop is proud to offer over 65 years of experience in the field of custom boots, and we are always happy to help you find the perfect pair of boots.   Ordering custom boots begins with a free boot fitting consultation with one of our expert fitters.  Please contact the store at 877-654-9453 or email to arrange an appointment.

When it comes to tall boots, it is sometimes the case that the average pair of “off the rack” boots do not provide the level of fit that is required for optimum comfort and peak performance.  It is no surprise considering that people come in all shapes and sizes.  In the past, most riders had to settle for what they could get- having a pair of custom made boots was cost prohibitive, but at Olson’s Tack Shop, we are pleased to offer a variety of custom tall boots in different price points, so that you can find the perfect boot for you. The process by which Olson’s expert fitting staff measures for boots focuses on fitting the entire leg to a “T”, unlike some fitting procedures that are most focused on fitting the foot, resulting in a sloppy fitting boot and subsequently poor performance in the saddle.  The custom boots that Olson’s fitting staff measure for follows the contour of the leg, allowing for better leg contact with the horse and better support of the lower leg.

The Importance of Proper Boot Fit
Your riding boots must be of the proper height to prevent the leathers of the saddle from pinching the leg and catching on the saddle’s flap.  The boots require a sturdy enough footbed to protect the rider’s foot while on the ground, and an adequate heel to prevent the foot from sliding through the stirrup. Many “off the rack” tall boots fail to be the right height for many of the riders out there, and riders that fall into an unusual body type (wide or narrow calves, for example), often cannot find the correct fitting tall boot without having a custom made boot.  This is why Olson’s Tack Shop takes great pride in our ability to fit custom riding boots with the precision you deserve.

Here are just a few examples of fun ideas for custom boots!


Our Custom Boots
At Olson’s Tack Shop, we take great  pride in providing only the finest custom boots around.  Here’s a preview of the boots we offer:

   Uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional wearability are the hallmarks of E. Vogel boots.  Over the years, Vogel equestrian boots have become internationally renowned.  E. Vogel has been selected repeatedly as bootmaker for the US Olympic Teams, as well as for the finest equestrian athletes worldwide.

   Konig riding boots offera very wide selection to appeal to every rider.  There are many different models, leathers, colors, and options to make the perfect boot for you.  Since 1850, Konigs has meant perfection in riding boots.


Not ready for custom boots?  Shop our off the rack boot selection!


Boot Care
In order to promote the ultimate in longevity and comfort of your tall boots, it is critical that you care for them appropriately.  Because tall boots are a crafted from a different leather than your saddle and tack, they require different care and maintenance. It is important to clean off your footwear as soon as possible after each wearing to provide them with the optimal care they deserve.  Begin your boot care regimen by cleaning off any dirt and horse sweat from the boot with water and a soft cloth or sponge.   Use a gentle lifting or floating method to remove the surface dirt and neutralize the harmful effects that horse sweat, salts, and acids have on leather.   Remove any mud from the soles and from between the seams where the foot of the boot meets the sole.  Be sure not to scrub the leather as it is detrimental to the leather’s surface. After removing the surface dirt and sweat from your boots, and after they have dried, apply a good quality boot polish (such as Konig Boot Polish, Meltonian Boot Cream, or Kiwi Parade Gloss).  Use a damp cloth or applicator brush to polish the outside of the boot and the foot of the boot only (using polish on the inside of the boot – the side touching the horse – will cause staining of saddles and pads, etc.).  Allow the polish to dry and buff with a heavy duty horsehair bristle brush for a superb shine.

Store your boots in a well-ventilated, dry, area away from sunlight.  We highly recommend keeping them in a fleece-lined boot case to keep them clean and protected.   It is of utmost importance that you never use saddle soap or oil on your boots.  They are not intended for leather and are generally too harsh. If possible, it is best to rotate the use of your boot wear, allowing moisture and perspiration to dissipate naturally.  Do not put your boots in front of a heat source to dry them out, as this can permanently damage the leather.  Using boot trees and cedar shoe inserts will extend the life of your boots, and are considered a necessary part of a rider’s equipment.

Breaking In Your Boots
When breaking in your boots, we recommend using Bick 4 Leather Conditioner on the interior lining of the boot.  This will soften the leather and assist in breaking in the boot much faster.  Apply generously to the ankle area and at the area behind the knee.  A light conditioning of the exterior of the boot may be done initially for the purposes of softening the leather for breaking in, however prolonged use of the conditioner on the exterior of the boot will result in a dulling effect, making it difficult to shine the boot effectively.

Necessary Equipment for Tall Boots: