Consignment Policy

As one of the premier tack shops in the Pacific Northwest, Olson’s Tack Shop is an excellent way to sell your saddle. We pride ourselves in having a sales staff with the knowledge and expertise to help our customers find the ideal saddle for both horse and rider. Because of our reputation for top notch customer service, Olson’s Tack has a thriving saddle business, with a high volume of used saddle sales.  Consigning your saddle with Olson’s Tack Shop is a sure way to get it seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

Before bringing your saddle in for consignment, please contact us regarding what models of saddles we will accept for consignment. If we feel that your saddle is a model we would be able to sell on consignment, you will be required to fill out a consignment contract detailing the consignment process. At the time we sell your saddle, Olson’s Tack retains 25% of the selling price. You receive the remaining balance (75%). Our 25% covers the cost we incur in marketing and advertising your saddle. When your saddle is sold, there is a four week processing period before a check is sent to you for 75% of the final sale price. We require that all saddles placed on consignment with us remain in the store a minimum of 4 weeks, otherwise a $50 processing fee will be assessed.

All saddles must be clean, well conditioned, and in good condition or better. Saddles must not have any rips or tears in the leather or any loose structural stitching. Billets must be safe and not overly worn. Trees must be sound and balanced. Gullet channels should be a minimum of 2″ wide at the cantle. We reserve the right to refuse any saddle that fails to uphold this specific criteria.

We will tell you what we feel would be fair market value for the saddle based upon our experience, sales history, and current market conditions.

We do not accept fittings with saddles.

There is a 6-month time limit on leaving your saddle with us. If it doesn’t sell within 90 days, you might consider adjusting the price, or trying a different venue. We sell a large number of used saddles for individuals but please keep in mind that Olson’s Tack does not guarantee how long it will take to sell your saddle. Some saddles will sell faster than others, sometimes because of brand or size, but primarily it comes down to a matter of having the right saddle for the right horse and rider combination at the right time. Should your saddle fail to sell within six months, you will be contacted to pick up your saddle. Should we be unable to reach you, Olson’s Tack Shop reserves the right to donate the saddle to a local charitable organization.

Seller agrees that consigned items may be, at Olson’s Tack’s discretion, removed from the store by prospective purchasers for demonstration purposes and that some wear and tear may result. Seller agrees that Olson’s Tack will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to the items while on consignment with Olson’s Tack other than for loss resulting from negligence of Olson’s Tack or its employees. If you have additional questions, contact us through e-mail, by visiting our store in Bellevue, or by calling 425-454-9453.