Going Custom

Olson’s has taken great care in selecting only the finest custom saddles to sell to our customers. Feel free to explore our saddles both here and in the store!

Trilogy Dressage Saddles $3975

These saddles are the top of the line in performance.  The leather is hand-selected, luxurious, elite quality leather that is very supple, yet durable.  The seat is well cushioned and resilient to lessen fatigue and improve feel.  The Verago,  Amadeo, and Debbie McDonald are all molded through the flap to create a very close contact leg position. The tree is a laminated beechwood spring tree with premium wool flocking to create more elasticity for the horse’s back.  The panels are wide and flat to disperse pressure and have 3″ gussets for improved saddle balance.  Trilogy saddles are customizable for both horse and rider with many options available.



Prestige Jump Saddles $2800 – $3200

Handcrafted in Italy, Prestige saddles offer a great degree of flexibility and superior craftsmanship for even the most discriminating riders. Olson’s is proud to carry the Bellagio, Passion, and Sinead Monoflap close contact saddles. The unique composite tree is adjustable on a machine and boasts a lifetime warranty. This tree moves and flexes with the horse, allowing your horse to perform at its best. If your horse changes shape dramatically, or if you change horses, the tree can be adjusted at the wither, making this an incredibly versatile saddle that will allow you years of comfortable riding.  We are proud to be the only dealer on the West coast to have the Prestige saddle tree adjustment machine.  Our resident saddle fitter, Heather Manuel, has been authorized as a Prestige saddle adjuster.  This allows your Prestige saddle to be widened or narrowed in our store based on your horse’s needs. The high quality Italian calfskin leather offers a secure and comfortable ride, and is warranted for 5 years. The jump saddles use an anatomically correct natural latex that allows for a perfect fit with no maintenance.



Prestige Dressage Saddles $3740 – $4460

We are proud to offer the D1D-Zero,  Optimax, and Helen dressage saddles from Prestige.  The dressage saddles are flocked with Dacron, a wonderful synthetic wool that offers greater elasticity than traditional wool without the upkeep.  The dressage saddles boast the same unique composite trees as the close contact saddles.  They are adjustable on a machine and boast a lifetime warranty.



WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR FITTING:A custom saddle is an important and valuable investment, and as such, must be approached with the horse’s and rider’s optimal comfort in mind.  Here’s a brief overview of what to expect when ordering a custom saddle from Olson’s. Most riders will have come into the store to sit in various saddles (both new and used) before deciding to go the custom route.  Ideally, you’ll have ridden in a few saddles to get an idea of what you want from your saddle, so when you set up your custom fitting appointment, we will know which selection of saddles to bring with her for you to ride in.  Keep in mind that the average saddle fitting appointment takes between 1 and 2 hours. Olson’s farm call / saddle fitting fee is $250 + tax, payable in advance.  If you live outside of our 30 mile radius, there will be an additional fee of $0.65 per mile.
Assessing horse's history, preparing to watch rider

Assessing horse’s history, preparing to watch rider

Upon arrival at your barn, we will do an initial assessment of your horse, taking back and wither tracings, and getting a feel for how he moves.  You’ll be asked about the horse’s history, including lameness issues and behavioral problems your horse may have been experiencing.  All of this information helps us determine what special accommodations, if any, the horse may require in the construction of the saddle.
Taking a wither tracing of a client's horse

Taking a wither tracing of a client’s horse

Once we determine the fit for your horse, you will then have an opportunity to ride in different saddles to find the model that best suits you.  We will take your measurements (height, weight, inseam, etc.), all of which will be factored into the construction of your saddle. When you order your saddle, we ask that you make a deposit, putting 50% down and paying the remainder when the saddle arrives in the store. Once you receive your saddle, ride in it as much as possible over the next 30 days, so that you can break it in and get a feel for how it fits you and your horse.  You’ll ride with confidence knowing that Olson’s 100% satisfaction guarantee means you won’t be stuck with a saddle you don’t love!